Contemporary kitchens have elegance and subtleness all their own. Clean lines, integrated appliances and a litany of high-tech features, updating your kitchen to contemporary design is one of the best ways to breathe life into a tired home. Whether this means replacing a few tired appliances, adding some modern finishes or tasking a designer with a full kitchen fitting, here are the most effective ways to update your kitchen. 

Let the Light In

One of interior design’s biggest secrets is light. Adding more light to just about any room can make it feel bigger, airier and more comforting. The kitchen is no different. Maximise natural light by making the most of your space. If your kitchen backs onto the garden consider adding bi-fold doors or french windows. If your kitchen is a separate room then why not knock down walls and make your lounge and kitchen a larger, brighter living space. 

Light Kitchen

Appliances and surfaces can also be updated to reflect natural light pouring in. Light materials like stainless steel and composite surfaces are a great alternative to dark, heavy wood and stone. Appliances don’t always have to be stock standard colours either. Invest in a red Rangemaster range cooker or high-tech brushed chrome fridge. Your kitchen will benefit from this burst of colour as sunlight dances around the room. 

All White Everything

In the early 2000s, there was a movement towards shiny, white kitchens. This has been maligned over the past decade with more homeowners opting for natural materials and bursts of colour. Well it seems white is back but it’s a little different this time. 

White Kitchen

White walls, cabinetry and surfaces are quintessentially modern and the order of the day for anyone looking for an effective contemporary look. However, you don’t have to do away with texture and materials completely. Accent your white space with some subtle granite veining, brass pot hangers or whatever else takes your fancy. Contemporary modern kitchens are all about taking a blank canvas and adding subtle touches. 

Mix Materials

If you’re not a fan of the seamless, space-age white design and want something homier then consider designing a kitchen with a mixture of materials. Art and design have always looked to break norms and your kitchen is no different. Dark painted cabinets with light metro tiles, brass handles coupled with an understated marble surface, industrial concrete atop a rich wooden breakfast bar.

Mix Material Kitchen

These are just a few of the ways you can transform your kitchen into an interesting space that challenges norms and pushes boundaries. 

Modern Meets Classic

Modern meets Classic Kitchen

Modern meets Classic Kitchen

Like materials, styles can also be mixed and matched. The modern kitchen is one that looks beyond sticking to a single theme or time. Combining minimalism with a timeless design like mid-century modern or art deco is a great way to create a contemporary kitchen with timeless elements. To accomplish this balance pair modern cabinets, surfaces and appliances with classic furniture and accents.

Matte and Pastels

If there’s one thing that contemporary kitchens are against it’s shiny objects. Matte finishes and pastel paints have become hugely popular with matte sage green and eggshell blue providing delightfully refreshing respite. Matte and pastel also reflect light beautifully, toning down the brightness and turning it into a warm glow that emanates throughout your kitchen.

Matte and Pastel Kitchen

To break up your design opt for brushed chrome appliances and brass accents. This will make your kitchen modern and inviting, providing the perfect backdrop for entertaining friends and family.

Futuristic Appliances

While looking like a contemporary kitchen is important, it means little if you don’t have the modern conveniences to make your life easier. Fridges can now keep track of your groceries and order fruit and vegetables for you, cookers can be set to cook at specific times and dishwashers are intelligent machines that use the exact amount of electricity and water to save you money and time. You should enjoy living in your kitchen as much as you enjoy designing it so plan for the future with integrated and stand-alone appliances that suit your new look. 

Modern Kitchen Appliances

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