Kids are curious and a kitchen is a compelling place. Mom and dad are bustling around, opening cupboards, pouring ingredients into pots, and generally causing a sense sensation for their little ones. Sounds, sights and smells are sure to have your kid clambering to get involved as they attempt to copy whatever you do. However, you can often become distracted while cooking and a second is all it takes for your little one to hurt themselves. This is why childproofing is incredibly important.

But where do you begin? Luckily, we’ve put together this comprehensive list

The combination of all this activity, your child’s innate curiosity, and your sometimes divided attention means that it’s especially important to childproof the kitchen. Here’s where the hazards can occur and how to protect your children:


Childproof cabinets

Cabinets hold pots, pans, and countless other treasures. Secure doors with magnetic locks or safety latches. This is especially important on drawers.

Place harmful substances like cleaning products in out of reach cabinets for an extra layer of protection as well as knives, and other sharp equipment. You should also ensure that knobs and handles are fastened on tightly to avoid your children pulling them out and potentially injuring themselves.

While it’s important to move items it’s important to still leave a few things to allow your kids to play and learn in the kitchen. Maybe a toy kitchen set in an easily accessible cupboard or a basket with tea towels will let them practice using the space safely.

Large Appliances

Washing machine in kitchen secured (1)

When it comes to white goods like washing machines and fridges there are a number of ways to make them safe for your child. Firstly’ remove any choking hazards like magnets. You should also secure doors shut with baby proof straps or locks. This is especially important for appliances that they could accidentally trap themselves in such as a chest freezer or washing machine.

Where possible move glass containers higher up in the fridge out of children’s reach. For an added precaution teach your children about the correct way to use appliances.


Safe stove use for families

The cooker is the biggest danger in the kitchen. First off make sure your cooker is in good working condition. Become familiar with all its settings and never leave your child unattended near the stove or hob.

A good habit to start using is cooking from the back rings first. With hot pots and pans out of reach, there is less chance of your child pulling on a handle and scalding themselves. If you must use the front rings, turn pots and panhandles towards the back of the hob to make them less accessible.

Another consideration is the knobs. Most hobs have digital displays so turning them off at the wall will prevent any accidents. For more traditional ovens, consider buying childproof covers or even a stove guard. It’s also important to teach your child about the dos and don’ts of the stove.


Much like cabinets place your utensils, crockery and anything else higher up to prevent injury. Freestanding shelves can also be a concern so where possible anchor them to the wall.

Small Appliances

Kitchen with small appliances

Make sure you turn off small appliances like blenders and microwaves after use. It’s also worth checking the power cord trail and shortening it where possible. If you have any spare plug sockets plug them with safety plugs to prevent any electrical accidents.

Chairs and Tables

Dining Room set

If you have dining furniture in your kitchen make sure it is secure and won’t collapse. When you’re finished eating, remember to push your chair in, flush to the table, to avoid your children climbing up to where they might fall.

Last but not least if you have a kitchen separated from other rooms then install a gate to act as a first defence. This extra step will give you peace of mind and allow you to let your little one explore the home without worrying about the dangers of the kitchen.

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