Making the most of your small kitchen needs little more than imagination and clever design. Luckily we’re here to provide both. Have a look at these space-saving ideas for your kitchen and you’ll find your kitchen can be a neat, stylish room that you and your guests will love. 

Portable Counters and Tables

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Practicality and style can be combined into one unique unit with portable counters and tables. A kitchen trolley with casters, drop leaf table or extendable table are all great ways to maximise floor and workspace. A kitchen trolley is super useful with a sturdy wooden worktop as well as rails to hang towels, cutlery and crockery and under-counter storage. This triple threat can add a bit of life to any kitchen. Imagine a pastel-painted kitchen trolley in a monochrome kitchen or a herb garden/work trolley for quick and easy chopping. The opportunities are endless.

Not just limited to work surfaces, you can also make the most of seating. Foldable or stackable chairs save much-needed space and allow you to have a proper dining experience without using up the lounge or kitchen. 

Pot Hangers and Shelf Storage

Pot Hangers and Kitchen Shelves (1)

When working with less floor space you can always look up. Adding a row of shelves allows you to show off some of your finest china or add a bit of greenery with plants and flowers. Alternatively, store the equipment you don’t use often like soup makers or popcorn machines up on high. This way you can always get to what you need and it saves space in the rest of your kitchen for pots, pans and plates. 

Another great addition to any kitchen is pot hangers. Simple hooks suspended above work surfaces allow you to keep bulky pots and pans out of your cupboards. This means more space for stackable crockery and even gives you an excuse to show off those copper pots and pans. Pot hangers add warmth to the kitchen giving it a lived-in romantic feel. 

Two-Tone Design

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Space in a kitchen is not always about the practical but also the perceived. If there is no space to work with at all then consider changing the colour scheme. Going dark on your work surfaces and light on the walls, shelves and cabinets is a great way to introduce more light into your kitchen. This technique also adds a chic, airy finish to any kitchen and won’t break the bank, 

Use Sills, Nooks and Crannies

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Old houses and flats are often changed over the years with odd-shaped rooms popping up like mushrooms. If you’ve got an odd-shaped kitchen make it work for you. A large window sill in the kitchen is ideal for herbs while a corner can be turned into a pantry. Look at the spaces in your kitchen as an opportunity rather than a hindrance and you’ll find a wealth of opportunities. 

Floor to Ceiling Solutions

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One surefire way to make the most of a small kitchen is to maximise storage with floor to ceiling cupboards. This investment works for all kitchens including galley, one-wall, L-shaped and horseshoe kitchens. Floor to ceiling storage also brings your kitchen together with a uniform style that flows throughout the space. Our kitchen specialists are brilliant at making the most of your spaces and can incorporate appliances and storage into one unique design.

Small kitchens have a charm all their own. Whether you maximise this with a bespoke fitted kitchen service or a few portable pieces, a little bit of imagination and time are all that’s needed to clear the clutter and create a space you’ll enjoy for years to come.