Call it rustic. Call it bucolic. Call it traditional. Country kitchens are all these and more with a wide array of decor and design options to make your kitchen cosy and comfortable. But how can you turn your kitchen into the CountryFile dream? We’ve quizzed our expert design team to find out how you can transform your kitchen into a warm country retreat. 


Country Kitchen Cabinet Design

Updating your cabinets to something traditional and timeless is a good place to start. Shaker-style cabinets blend well into traditional and modern homes and can be personalised with different types of wood, varnish and handles. A hardwood cabinet looks high-end with requiring a varnish. For a more cost-effective method consider going for a cheaper wood cabinet and either varnish or paint it to suit your design. 

Wood is perfect for kitchens. Hard-wearing, easy to clean and all-natural few materials make cleaning your kitchen easier. 

Traditional wooden cabinets can be made to fit kitchens of all shapes and sizes. A slim, hidden spice draw, a large corner pantry and any other ideas can be shaped in rich wood to create a warm, kitchen aesthetic. 


Country Kitchen Appliances

Appliances can add or detract from your overall design so be sure to update your appliances along with your decor. Appliances can also be the centrepiece of your country dream. Imagine a royal blue AGA range cooker or 50s style SMEG fridge freezer in orange dominating the room? From kettles and microwaves to cooker hoods and range cookers, shaking up your design with some retro appliances can add to the country feel and give you a host of new ways to enjoy cooking. 

If several appliances are beyond your means then why not try updating your kitchen sink. Series, like Downton Abbey, are filled with stunning butler’s sinks that scream vintage style. Usually made from ceramic, these deep sinks fit into a cutout worktop and are large enough to wash dishes, veg, clothes and anything else you can throw at it. Pair a classic butler’s sink with some traditional brass taps for a timeless look that will wow your guests. 


Country Kitchen Worktops

While traditional kitchens usually have wooden worktops don’t be afraid to shake things up with some modern marble or slate. A traditional kitchen doesn’t have to stay in the past so adding a few contemporary finishes can lift the whole design and underline the rich country feel. Wood, slate, stone and countless other materials can fit into the country look so don’t be afraid to try something new.


Country Kitchen Paint

A fresh lick of paint can make a world of difference. Painting walls, cabinets and handles in contemporary colours with a matte finish are one of the best ways to update your kitchen and tie the colour scheme into your design. Pantone regularly updates the public with their picks for the season so if you’re looking for inspiration why not try relaxing bluestone, vibrant antique moss, or a warm crabapple


Country Kitchen Flooring

Updating a kitchen from top to bottom deserves a look at the flooring. It might be as simple as applying a fresh varnish or paint to a wooden floor or warming up kitchen tiles with a rich, rough-hewn rug. Your floor isn’t always the centre of attention but it’s worth making sure it ties into your country design. 


Country Kitchen Finishes

While we’re on the topic of fabrics, country kitchens are the perfect canvas for a bit of personality. Unlike modernist kitchens that thrive on seamless imagery, a country kitchen is filled with little accents. A ceramic egg holder here, a cookbook there, the devil is in the details. Once you have your design in mind add a few things to bring it to life. Brass pots are timeless while a cookbook stand or patterned counter runner adds a level of sophistication. 

Whatever you decide, creating a country kitchen is an experience that is exciting as it is rewarding. A modern country kitchen is a place you’ll love hosting guests, feeding the family and wiling away lazy afternoons. Bring your dream to life today by simply contacting our dedicated team of designers today.