8,000 sq ft showroom

Inhouse design experts

20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility

Customise your kitchen, your way

Customisation means your not stuck with a design that’s not adaptable to your home design. Being flexible to your needs is something we pride ourselves on. We’re more than happy to accommodate any home whether that be the sleek and shiny or if you’re going for a more rustic affair.




Paints and stains

Choose from our extensive portfolio of colours and variations. We realise that even the slightest difference in hue has a dramatic effect on your kitchen experience.

Please get in touch if you’d like a consultation on our vast array of paints and stains.



Door styles

With over a 1000 different types of kitchen door available, there’s sure to be the one you’re after! You can choose different styles from the list below and if you can’t see a material you’d like please give us a ring so we can help you source the perfect door.

Wood, painted, acrylic, glass, vinyl, melamine, laquered, bespoke, made to measure and much more

We’re confident we can select the right door for your kitchen, so please give us a ring if you’d like to discuss further.





We all use handles without a second glance but it truly is the small things that count. That’s why we have a wide selection of handles to suit all tastes and styles.




Bespoke storage solutions

Storage space makes all the difference to your perfectly presented kitchen. We have a selection of bespoke storage facilities all designed to neatly store your kitchen items whilst providing superb easy access.